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3 Stretches For Lower Back Pain Relief

According to the World Health Organization, low back pain is a very common health problem worldwide and a major cause of disability - affecting performance at work and general well-being.

Engaging in regular exercises is important, especially now that we are seemingly forced into a sedentary lifestyle. A stretching program may help relieve symptoms of your lower back pain.

Here are 3 stretches that anyone can do for lower back pain relief:

1. Prayer Stretch

This is a very common yoga pose. On your hands and knees, sit back so your buttocks are resting on your heels. Reach your hands forward to lengthen your spine and feel a stretch in your middle back. Reach your hands to either side to focus the stretch on the opposite side of your spine. Hold for 10-30 seconds and perform 2-3 repetitions.

Good for: lower back muscles along the spine.

Lower Back Pain Relief - Prayer Stretch

Prayer Stretch

2. Single Knee to Chest

Often prescribed in physical therapy and frequently practiced in yoga class. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Leaving one foot in place, bring one knee toward your chest while pressing your lower back into the floor. Hold the raised knee with both hands and then hug it toward your chest. Hold the leg in place for between 15 and 20 seconds, and then reset and repeat with your other leg

Good for: lower back pain due to prolonged sitting postures during the day.

Lower Back Pain Relief - Single Knee to Chest

Single Knee to Chest

3. Piriformis Stretch

The piriformis is a small muscle that runs diagonally through the glutes. It is one of the external rotators of the hip and will become tight in people who spend significant time sitting, driving, or climbing stairs. To perform this stretch, lie flat with one knee bent. Cross the ankle of the opposite leg to be stretched over the bent knee. Pull knee across towards the chest and hold for 30-60 seconds. Switch legs and repeat the same action. Repeat 3-5 times for each leg.

Good for: decreasing tension in the lower back and hip area. 

Photo by Alexy Almond fromPexels

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