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9 Quarantine Thanksgiving Ideas for 2020

As we continue to practice social distancing, Thanksgiving this year will be a little different. Thanksgiving is an important part of our culture. It is a time for gratitude and appreciation of the things that we are fortunate to have, with the people that we are fortunate to have. But due to the pandemic, we are forced to make some changes to our traditions and practices.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourage Americans not to travel and spend time with relatives outside their households during the Thanksgiving holiday. If you are one of many who won’t be gathering around the table to celebrate with family and friends, we’ve come up with a list of ideas you can do to enjoy the holiday:

1. Decorate your home.

Set the table and the mood for the occasion. Make your home as welcoming as you would when expecting guests over for Thanksgiving dinner. You don't have to decorate the whole house! Make your centerpiece festive for a picture-perfect Thanksgiving vibe.

2. Start With a Big Breakfast.

What better way to start the day than with a hearty breakfast? Waffles, fruits, a smoothie bowl, or whatever you usually have for breakfast will perk you up a little on a day you normally wouldn't spend alone. It also helps avoid overeating during dinner.

3. Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

For a TV-watching nation, this is one tradition that families all across the country can take part in together. If you want to keep family tradition, you can check out the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade information here.

4. Dress up.

Just because you won’t be going out for Thanksgiving, doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel pretty for the celebration (even if it’s only over Zoom!) Put on your nice clothes and get into the holiday spirit.

5. Have a festive dinner.

Whether you're cooking dinner on Thanksgiving just for yourself or your loved ones, here is a list of recipes if you are craving traditional Thanksgiving flavors.

6. Host a virtual Thanksgiving party.



Like most holidays this year, Thanksgiving 2020 will be celebrated by many people by connecting with peers and loved ones through video conferencing. There are many apps where you can hold your virtual party, but Zoom is by far the most popular video conferencing platform. It has made life easier during the coronavirus pandemic. One more reason to be thankful for Zoom? They will lift their 40-minute time limit for your virtual Thanksgiving call. Yay!

7. Play games online.

Face-to-Face interaction may be limited and restricted for this holiday, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun. There are many ways you can bond with loved ones online. Decide on a game that everyone wants to play. There's the classic charades, online bingo, or trivia games to play on Zoom.

8. Send a thoughtful Thanksgiving gift.

Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude and appreciation. If you can’t be with family and friends, you can still show your appreciation by sending them a gift. It doesn't have to be expensive or grand. Get them something they can use throughout the year.


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9. Say thanks.

You can start a Give Thanks journal where you can write down everything you are grateful for. It's one way to reflect on the good things that have happened and are happening in your life. Count your blessings no matter how big or small they are. Remember that practicing gratitude can bring more positive emotions and even promote stronger immune systems!

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