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Neck Pain Relief At The Workplace

Whether it's leaning over your computer or hunching over your workbench— poor posture can cause neck pain.

Are you aware that your sitting position is giving you bad posture?

According to Medical News Today, Anything that causes a misuse or overuse of specific muscles, ligaments, or tendons can adversely impact a person’s posture and back health. Certain positions are worse than others for overworking or misusing postural tissues, especially some sitting positions.

Sitting for several hours can cause significant postural strain in the neck, back, and shoulders. The body will compensate for poor posture, which could lead to many health problems ranging from neck/back pain, headaches, high blood pressure, and even early death.

Slouch or holding a forward head posture while sitting in front of a computer can cause continual stress. Imagine doing that for a prolonged time? According to Mayo Clinic Health Letter (2000), The weight of the head is like a bowling ball, holding it forward, out of alignment, puts a strain on your neck and upper back muscles. The result can be muscle fatigue and all too often an aching neck.

Neck pain relief starts with good posture

Neck Pain ReliefNeck pain relief starts with good posture

Here's what you can do if your work requires you to sit for long hours:

  • Try to set an alarm every 30 minutes
    • Take breaks to move around and stretch.
  • Make sure that your chair can properly support your body
    • Use a back pillow or other back support if your chair does not have a backrest that can support your lower back's curve.
  • Sit up straight
    • Your hips and knees should be bent to approximately 90 degrees and trunk should be upright with the elbows supported at a natural height on the armrests.

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