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Work From Home: Getting comfortable

If you're like many people who have been forced to work from home due to the current situation, you may be working in less than ideal ergonomic environments.

Ergonomics is defined as an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely.

An ergonomic environment is one where you can be comfortable in your workspace and don't feel any strains or pain. If you think your current workspace isn't providing you this, you might want to find ways on how you can improve your work environment.

Work From Home
Work from home.

First, set your desk.

Your dining room table, kitchen counter, TV tray, bedside table, or folding table isn't an ideal workspace desk. You want something adjustable so that your keyboard and mouse are at elbow height when you are seated. But if your desk isn't adjustable, use some books or a sturdy box to elevate your work surface.

Another thing you want to secure is a comfortable office chair with cushion.

Sitting for long hours can cause lower back pain, which is a common work-related injury. Prolonged sitting or laying on the couch, slouching over the dining room table, or hunching in bed is a bad posture to hold while working.

An ideal chair should have ideal adjustments and one that promotes good posture. There are many ergonomic chairs in the market, but which ones are efficient? If you already have an existing workspace chair, how can you make it work better for you?

Office Chair Cushion
Office Chair Cushion

If buying a new workspace chair, which may or may not be efficient, isn't an option— you can opt to buy a chair cushion, specifically a lumbar support pillow to lessen the discomfort of sitting on a chair for a prolonged time.

Our highly-rated RS1 lumbar support pillow is just perfect at providing neck and back pain relief. It is manufactured from the highest quality memory foam, and with ArcContour, a special patented technology to give it its unique convex shape. It's sure to keep your back comfortable all day.

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Movement is necessary
Movement is necessary.

Lastly, after you've set up your workstation, you have to understand that no matter how ergonomic your workspace may be, there's one more thing you need to remember, movement is necessary.

Research has found that doing regular exercise can reduce the frequency of recurring back pain attacks by almost half.

To prevent lower back pain injury, make sure you engage in regular activities. You can take active breaks in between work. It could be as simple as taking a walk outside for 15 minutes.

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