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ergonomic pillows for lower back and neck pain for chair, car, bed

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Customers love our ergonomic pillows for lower back and neck pain for chair, car, bed. Read their reviews and discover how Relax Support is the best back support pillow for you!



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Press Release

Our top portable choice, this RelaxSupport cushion blends form and function to make one great product. The orthopedic design and curved structure provide comfort for your lower back and spine, providing the right amount of support to prevent back pain. The unique lateral convex shape gives you additional support in the lumbar area. A removable and washable, the breathable cotton cover makes cleaning this cushion a breeze and keeps air circulation high for better comfort.

It’s made with top-quality memory foam materials to give your lumbar spine all the support it needs. The design and material are created to provide something called lateral-convex symmetry. This means that you get equal support across the entire pillow, allowing your spine to fall into its natural curvature. The muscles can relax, and you won’t get out of your car with the stiffest back ever.

Perhaps an underrated feature is the quality of the straps. You can take them off if you want, but the best thing is that they’re designed to protect your car seat. In essence, you can wrap them around the back, and they won’t leave any marks or grooves, which I found to be a nice touch.

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The curved structure of this back support pillow provides you with extra spine support, so you have a more comfortable sitting position. The pillow includes adjustable, removable straps you can use to secure it to the back of your seat. You can also remove the straps if you just need to place the pillow in a chair. The pillow cover comes in black, gray, as well as beige, and is made from breathable cotton that allows air to circulate to keep your back from getting hot. The cover is both removable and machine washable.

What makes the RS1 Back Support Pillow by RelaxSupport different from the rest is that it's foundationally firm, yet soft on top. The pillow is made from breathable cotton and memory foam to keep you cool, no matter how stuffy your office gets. You can also count on this pillow to hold its position all day thanks to durable straps that anchor the product to your chair.

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