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How many does it come in a box? The picture shows multiple which is confusing

The kit has one pillow. Those are the different colors available.

Does this pillow contain latex?

No, the pillow does not contain latex. Our backrest pillow consists of Polyether, polyurethane.

Where is this made?

The pillow is made in China. It is made of quality materials and under the strict supervision of the inspection.

Is the cover washable?

The pillow cover is removable and washable at 30 degrees.

How or where do I find Warranty information for the pillow?

Warranty information is written in the product listing itself. You just contact us, and we take care of everything.

What's the memory foam made of?

Memory foam is made of polyurethane.

Back Support Pillow - RS1

Does it help upper back pain between your shoulder blades?

Our backrest pillow allows you to adjust the chair by height, and it can also offer you comfort in the upper part of the body. You can also turn it around for 180C and can offer you different comfort. So you can relieve the pain between the blades.

Would this product be recommended for activities in which it may get wet?

The product is made from a memory foam and a cotton cover that is washable. It is not recommended that the memory foam is too wet because it is harder to dry well.

Can it be placed in the mid back for a chair and lower down in a car seat?

The pillow can be used for the upper and lower back, where you need support or where it will suit you best.

Would this be good for support when sleeping, putting underneath the lumbar area?

This pillow is not intended to support sleeping position during sleep. It is most functional in a sitting or semi-seated position.

Will this be applicable to any kind of chair?

Yes. The pillow RS1 is universal and fits all types of chairs

How long are the straps?

The belt can be stretched to a good meter + pillow, so you can strap it around your chair.

How to clean this pillow? Is the cover removable?

BREATHABLE REMOVABLE 3D cotton cover keeps air circulating all day long and provides a comfortable feeling. Pillow has an easy removal cover and is machine washable.

Does it make your back Sweat?

No, you will not sweat on the pillows because the BREATHABLE REMOVABLE 3D cotton cover keeps air circulating all day long and provides a comfortable feeling. Pillow has an easy removal cover and is machine washable.

How exactly does the softer one differ?

The difference is in the hardness of the memory foam. The softer version is for small and tiny people or people who need gentle back support.

Does this roll up for storage following airline travel?

The pillow is rolling. It is better if it flattens nicely because, due to its composition (memory foam), it is nice to return to its original condition when used. It is very suitable for traveling by plane.

Lumbar Roll Back Support Pillow - RS5

Does the RS5 come with 3 pillows? What is the thickness of each pillow? Can you fit more than 1 pillow?

Yes, the RS5 cushion has 3 cushions of different hardness (soft, medium, hard), which allow you to make the desired cushion hardness of your choice at any given moment.

The cushion gives you 6 different hardnesses, you can put one or two different hardness cushions in the cover.

The thickness of the RS5 cushion with 2 cushions inserted is 2.4

How long is the strap?

The length of the stitched strap is 28inch + 16inch of the extra strap that comes with it. That is, the belt is 113cm long.

Wedge Pillow Memory Foam - RS6

How RS6 is shipped? Do not want it resisting shape when unpacked.

Due to the size and ease of delivery, the pillow was rolled and compressed. When you receive the pillow, unpack it and allow the memory foam to return to its shape for a couple of hours. Getting the perfect shape within 24 hours at the latest.

There is a zipper to remove the pillowcase and wash it, but there’s no handle on the zipper to open the zipper. How do I open the zip?

The zipper is without a pull tab. It's a safety zipper. Prevent the thread from getting stuck in the zipper and damaging your bedding. It opens easily, just gripping the slider head and pulling it in the desired direction.

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